Cabana Breeze welcomes you! From the delicious food to wonderful cocktails, we at Cabana Breeze look forward to welcoming you! Tiki Inspired The Welcome to our delicious corner We have a proper passion for cooking. Love is the secret ingredient that makes all our meals taste better and magical. Best Dishes Special Drinks The Take a sip of our innovative drinks With Tiki inspired cocktails, drinks and wines we have a wide range of beverages and experiences to offer you. Finest Drinks Your The most delicious flavor combos Enjoy our finely curated, varied and themed menu in our relaxed and inspiring environment at the Sheraton Hotel, Tung Chung. Food Heaven View from Cabana Breeze Overlooking the sea...  We are flanked by our own stretch overlooking the sea.. come enjoy our impressive all day dining menu. Experience our hospitality! ALFRESCO DINING
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Set in the beautiful surrounding of the Sheraton Hotel in Tung Chung, Cabana Breeze is flanked by its own stretch overlooking the sea. We at Cabana Breeze offer Tiki inspired cocktails, drinks and wines along with an impressive international all day dining menu. A relaxed and inspiring environment for your perfect Al fresco dining experience.

Special Dinner Menu
Delightful Dining Arrangement

We are delighted to launch this unique, themed concept in Tung Chung and look forward to welcoming you! 

- Management 

We have specially curated our menu to suit all tastes and palettes - from all our international day dining menu, a la carte, poke, pizzas, desserts and more, our team and I are delighted to serve you with our mouthwatering delights. 

- Head Chef

Discover our tiki inspired drinks, cocktails, mocktails, spirits and more... with our view and dining experience, we aim to wow you!

- Head Bartender
Breakfast Menu in Cabana Breeze
Grilled Octopus at Cabana Breeze


At Chef Faycal’s urban oasis, we present specially curated dishes such as our Moroccan octopus with tomato and black olive salsa and much, much more...

Special selection


Beef burger meal

Classic greek salad, barrel aged feta cheese, bread

Roasted lamb rump

Grilled lamb cutlets, pomegranate glaze, butternut squash

Pan seared sea bass

Saffron and mussel’s broth, new potatoes, edamame beans

King prawns and lobster

Creamy saffron, sauce Vierge

Citrus cured salmon

Horseradish creme fraiche, beetroot mousse, oil

Pan seared scallops

Saffron, celeriac puree, black pudding, olive oil

Baked Camembert

Red onion marmelade, garlic Foccacia bread, grilled fig

Braised ox cheek ravioli

Mediterranean olives casserole, celeriac puree, mushrooms

Corn fed chicken

Wild mushrooms, truffle potatoes, braised leeks, carrots

Nduja pork chicken terrine

Smoked duck breast, pistachio, smoked pancetta

Sofa and Cushion
Dining at Cabana Breeze
Cabana Breeze's Philosophy


Our theme and our kitchen are our inspiration - it is the home of our creation. Our team has worked tirelessly behind the scene to bring you this modern inspirational concept. From royal and international flavours to our sweet treats and classy bar, we have a truly unique experience for you and your loved ones!

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